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Come interact with people living in the Holy Land for many generations, collaborate on health, education, and arts projects, or use your skills to build the IHS network.


Awareness Tour in the Holy Land

Interacting with another person helps us understand each other. Our tours walk in ancient footsteps and interact with people whose families have been living in the Holy Land for many generations. IHS Awareness Tours offer the opportunity to respond to needs we encounter with people that we meet. From Bethlehem Nativity to the Mount of Olives and Jerusalem; the tomb of Abraham to the Dead Sea, Nazareth and the Sea of Galilee, we see truth in action. Take a transformational journey that unites us as the larger global family.


Service Tour in the Holy Land

Wellbeing for our families and ourselves is essential to peace. Doctors, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, dentists, and other practitioners have worked alongside doctors and nurses in Dar Salah, Al’Rashaida, As’Samoa, Tequa, Taybeh, Aboud, Rantis, Beir Zeit, Al’Biddya, Qalquilya, Jenin, Zababdeh, Tubas, and Nablus village clinics to understand the health demands for the clinics and to co-create best practices.

Join us this fall as we bring life-saving equipment and corresponding training to four new villages in the Holy Land.


Help from Anywhere

Do you prefer to help from home? Have you returned from one of our tours and are eager to make a difference? This humanitarian crisis can use any amount of time and practically every skill you would like to share. We can use your help to:

  • Update our website

  • Document our activities

  • Raise funds for our work

  • Organize a local event

  • Lead a project that interests you and improves the situation in the Holy Land

For more information, email


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