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Support Food and Medicine
Deliveries in Palestine

Mutual Aid Food Sovereignty for Hungry Palestinian Children

In His Steps: Pathways of Peace (IHS) is an American not-for-profit with volunteers on the ground in the West Bank of Palestine delivering food and medicine. This is one of the best ways to support Palestinians during this tragic war. Almost all of the donations and aid are currently going to Gaza, but unfortunately much of the aid cannot even get into the country where it's needed due to the invasion.


With your tax deductible donation, we are making a difference in the West Bank TODAY for families that have not had work or income for four months since October 7. IHS has built local partnerships with Palestinian organizations for more than 20 years. We are leveraging these relationships to get food and medicine to hungry Palestinian families.

Families We Serve

The IHS Story

What can one person achieve when even world leaders cannot end the devastation in Palestine?


Our executive director, Christy, was in Bethlehem during these attacks. The last thing she heard before she left was, “Please don’t forget us.”


Through many years of collaboration with locals in the West Bank, IHS has created a trusted network that has delivered wheelchairs and medical supplies. We can now use that system to deliver food, medicine, and stress reduction. While many feel helpless these days, IHS is a reliable way for you to help someone who feels abandoned by the world.


The families in the West Bank are both hypervigilant and silent. “There are no words,” they told Christy, “to speak of this.” The brutality in Gaza is coming to the West Bank. IHS can support the people of the West Bank in ways that matter: food, medicine, and stress reduction.


Why focus on the West Bank when it is Gaza that is under fire?


By October 22, West Bank warranted its own UNRWA report to include movement restrictions, arrests, killings, airstrikes, refugee camp raids, school closings, and other concerns. IHS's local director, Mahmoud Badawi, personally visits families in the villages, refugee camps, and neighboring towns to assess the urgent needs. He works with store owners and pharmacists to secure balanced grocery orders and timely dispensing of medicine.


Let’s keep them fed and give them hope. You truly make a difference!

Meet Mahmoud Badawi, IHS Palestine Director


Mahmoud Badawi has worked with IHS since 2009. He has been IHS Palestine Director since 2015. Mahmoud participates in IHS strategic planning, manages our projects on the ground, and serves as a cultural subject matter expert to visiting teams and partner organizations. Mahmoud is well known in Bethlehem and Hebron Districts. Through him, IHS has developed relationships with various Ministries, District Governors, and the Presidential Offices. Mahmoud’s broad network allows IHS to collaborate with medical staff, artists, educators, religious groups, and various communities throughout Palestine.

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