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Our Story

IHS started as the eventual outcome of an invitation to see the Holy Land. As a humanitarian worker, Christy Reiners traveled out of curiosity and good will. Although her group had studied for six months, all the books, workshops, and prior mission work had not prepared them for what they experienced in the Holy Land.

While there, the team restored playgrounds, delivered computers, and started to develop friendships. Rather than consider this a single-time contribution, Christy decided to organize an ongoing interaction. She thought others might find it meaningful to have a first-hand opportunity to learn and to contribute.

Core Values

As one world family, IHS opens the door to interaction between travelers and the culture and families of the Holy Land. Seeking truth through action, we both experience and express truth. IHS offers an authentic journey through the Holy Land with its opportunities to learn and contribute. Responding with dignity, we all do our best work in an environment that hears each voice and respects each contribution. IHS works collaboratively within its project teams and with the people in the Holy Land to co-create responses that fit the need of the community and the skills of those involved.

Why We're Successful

Over the last twenty years, we have developed trusted relationships with families, community organizations, and government officials in dozens of cities and villages throughout the Holy Land. These relationships offer us first-hand, intimate interaction within vulnerable communities

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