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IHS promotes peace by creating healthier families. We work with organizations and interfaith partners in peacemaking through Health, Education, Awareness and the Arts. Our projects directly address the needs of daily life, including vital health care concerns within the local communities and villages. We seek to significantly impact the health status are dedicated to supporting a sustainable health system in the Holy Land. Our program uses replicable methods developed through collaborative relationships with local and international medical practitioners. Direct humanitarian assistance overcomes barriers and strengthens the infrastructure that helps families in the Holy Land thrive in peace.


We work with medical providers, village elders, and community leaders to understand the needs and collaborate on accessible, quality medical action to address breast cancer, physical rehabilitation, brain trauma, and primary care.


Visitors learn about culture, people, environments, working together, and about themselves. More formally, we work with universities, medical practitioners, educators, and local communities –  first to understand the need and then to share knowledge and skill.


Our tours walk in ancient footsteps, interact with people whose families have  been living in the Holy Land for many generations, and offer the opportunity to consider how we might respond to the needs we encounter there today.


We work with musicians, filmmakers, painters, poets, and videographers to experience authentic, creative interactions. We collaborate to teach, perform, and create art that heals and relationships that thrive.

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